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DNA evidence linked Lee to other attacks, including the abduction of Christine Lewis, 22.

Lewis was abducted five days before being found beaten, raped and strangled.

She testified at Johnson’s retrial three years later.

DNA evidence included a hair found on Carol Heath’s body.

A handout photo made available by the Arkansas Department of Corrections shows undated file photos provided on 14 April 2017 of Arkansas death row inmates who are or were scheduled to be executed by lethal injection before the end of the month and before the expiration date for one of the drugs that will be used.

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Mc Gehee asked his jurors for mercy, with relatives testifying he had grown up in a dysfunctional family.

Davis did not seek clemency but joined the other inmates’ various lawsuits. Stacey Johnson, 47, is scheduled to die for killing Carol Heath in 1993.

The woman was beaten and strangled and had her throat slit.

Davis, execution date 17 April; Ledell Lee, Stacey Johnson, execution date 20 April.

Bottom row from left are Jack Jones Jr., Marcel Williams, execution date 24 April; Kenneth Williams, execution date 27 April.

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