Dating saha

They are the best fitting high rise jeans I’ve ever found.

Check out their whole selection here.(Not counting Goa because you can wear what you want here- and keep in mind this is my opinion based on my last 4 years traveling around the country and having many Indian girlfriends who help me with what’s “okay”.) That’s just too much curve.

I often browse their pants, maxi dresses, tops, and jumpsuits sections since a lot of the styles work perfectly for India.

TIA – You can check out my post to learn more about her or check out her Etsy page here.

I find that because I don’t dress in tourist clothes, people assume I live in India, and I am not ripped off or left dealing with negotiations.

There is this idea that Indians all dress traditional all the time and only a small percentage don’t- but the reason it seems that way is because India has such a MASS population.

I wear my You can wear skirts that go to the knee, as long as they aren’t tight pencil skirts paired with a tiny top too. If you want to wear a skirt that goes to the knee, keep it loose, and wear a decent top with it.

With H&M, Forever 21, Fossil, and more Western stores opening, the fashion here is changing and evolving.

I’ve met loads of designers like Tia (beachy, European style), FARA (boho-chic) and As a westerner, you have a fine line to straddle.

As in barely ANY because if you show too much you’ll be stared at and offend other women, but keep in mind that Indian women ARE showing cleavage.

Many saris bring attention to the boobs and are low cut.

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